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Hi all,

I'm 37 relatively slight build used to be very active & had a MIS ALIF at L5-S1 with posterior pedicle screws to correct a spondiolysthesis with pars defect that resulted in ddd. I had persistent pain in my left lower back, burning in my right leg perpetual tighness in both hamstrings. I am now 3 weeks post-op; pain has been manageble with Tylenol, an occasional percocet and Valium. Generally very little residual pain with respect to the incisions, so that has improved rapidly. Most of the pain remains in my left side of my back, which I expected to be uncomfortable for some time. Had my two week postop last week. X-rays showed all my hardware looked great.

The issue I am having is an intense feeling of pressure in my buttocks and my hamstrings; a little bit on my right but very persistent on the left. I no longer get the numbness on my right leg that was there presurgery The pressure seems to have worsen the last few days and keeps me awake. It gets worse sitting standing laying down and during my walks especially. The only reprieve is sitting in a very specific position and angle in my recliner. My surgeon says its still so early that I shouldn't be concerned. He's very very good and I trust him but just wondering if anyone else has experienced this, what it is and how long I might expect to experience it. Also any thoughts on what might help alleviate it. I know I should expect this to be a long recovery.


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