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Re: Myelopathy
Feb 25, 2011
I have cervical myelopathy, but both my new PM and a neurosurgeon I had a consultation with didn't seem to be alarmed, although the neurosurgeon did say if I'm ever involved in a car accident, I could be in big trouble. I have a massive disc herniation causing the spinal cord compression. I know both my PM and the neuro had problems getting my reflexes. I'm not sure if that's due to this or due to past damage from severe lumbar stenosis for which I already had surgery. Before my lumbar surgery, I had no knee reflexes in one knee and not much in the other. The neuro did tell me I have right hand weakness as well, which explains why I'm always dropping things - thing is I didn't know it. My right hand doesn't seem different to me but like I said, I do drop things constantly. I do not always have severe neck pain, though. My neck pain & spasms come & go, sometimes it's unbearable and other times it barely hurts at all.

I've had this in my neck for about 6 or 7 years now, but the Rheum I used to see passed it off as fibro, even though he knew how bad my lumbar spine was...well, whatever. I do know that over this time, my neck has gotten worse. I have to be careful how I position my head. If it's too straight, I get nerve pain & tingling, sometimes numbness in my hands/fingers. If it's tilted back at all, I get these weird squeezing sensations around my upper someone has their hands inside my arms and is sqeezing around them real tight. I also get bladder problems on & off, though never lost control....for me I get bouts of either having to go constantly or feeling like I have to go, but I can't.

My PM thinks I should have an ACDF done. The neuro said there's no way to tell someone how long they can go without having surgery or how much worse one can get, etc. He just warned me that since I already have a massivie herniation into my cord, if I'm in a car accident or something, things could go terribly wrong very quickly. THAT scares me, but...I can't afford it, cannot have surgery...can't even have any more injections.

So, it certainly can progress and could end up being serious, but there's no way to say for sure.

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