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Of course only your doctor can diagnose you, but it sure is possible that you could have nerve compression in your cervical spine.

When I wake up, my biceps are not sore. I have found a way to sleep to prevent my arms and hands going completely numb. My biceps areas do get a very strange feeling in them when my head is straight or bent back and when I cough, sneeze, laugh. If I do this, I get severe pain in my neck, sometimes a shock, my arms will go limp, and I get these feelings in my biceps that feels like someone is squeezing them. I'll also get nerve pain in my hands & fingers, I get a lot of muscle twitching on my upper back and back of shoulders. If I cough real hard, like when I swallow a drink but hadn't purposefully swallowed it, or a bad cold, when I cough, the pain is awful and I get (really pins & needles, but it's worse, more like large nails) massive pins & needles in my entire upper back and even front around my chest. Needless to say, I really try to avoid having this happen. Right now these symptoms depend on my head position, though it's hard to think about it all the time. If I have to look up at somethign with my head back, the pain starts in my arms, then pain in my fingers, then my hands start going numb.

What happens to you, if anything, when you lay down and let your head tilt back? If stay that way for a while, as a test, and all your symptoms start, my suspicion would something similar to my problem. Maybe stenosis, herniations, or some other compression in the neck. If this does happen to you, what you need to do, especially while sleeping, is orop your head up with several pillows and perhaps try using a cervical pillow on top of that - one that will prevent your head from tilting back. This made a HUGE difference for me, anyway.

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