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tetonteri66 is correct.

Those muscle spasms/knots will cause things to happen. Those muscles will pull your spine into an "S" to pull the impingement from your nerves. I've had doctors look at my Xrays and say "you have scoliosis"....No I didn't. I had severe muscle spasms pulling my spine into an "S".

I've also had doctors pull out tape measures and say "you have one leg longer than the other". No I didn't. The muscle spasms in my back were pulling my spine into an "S", shifting my hip bone up on one side.

Be ready for those 2 misdiagnoses from doctors in training. Avoid surgery at all costs. The scar tissue I now have around L4/L5 is pinching off nerves/blood flow to my lower extremities. People think I now have Diabetes because when I stand for long my feet start turning red/extreme pain. It's from the surgery. Plus after you get surgery and they mess up, you'll find they won't give you pain meds nor want to see you anymore. There's no more money to be made off of you. They're looking for the next sucker to cut open for big $$$$$.

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