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I woke up this morning with extreme burning leg pain all the way down my legs. Pain meds helped (I'm still taking them every 4 hours for my back), but now it's 1 1/2 hours before I can take more and it's starting again. It actually was so bad when I woke up that I was having to walk gingerly almost on my tip toes to get back to bed.

I've realized that I've been doing a few things twisting my body rather than turning. Maybe the leg pain can be attributed to this. I don't know. Input? Oh, it's two months today since my surgery.
Hi carolaann. I'm sure that this is very frightening, but it's quite likely it is a flareup, especially if you've been doing motions that can aggravate, such as twisting. Be very, very, careful not to twist your body at all, as well as being sure to follow instructions very carefully. It is so much more important than people realize as the first few months after major back surgery is the easiest time to cause problems.

At this point, I would just spend a few days resting as much as possible. Use ice or heat or both at the area you think the pain is coming from. If it doesn't settle down in a few days, say by Monday, then I would call my doctor. I can't remember how long ago you had the surgery, but I don't think it's been more than a few I right?

Hopefully, this will settle down on its own; on the other hand, it may take some medication such as oral steroids to quiet the nerve pain which this sounds like.

Remember the cardinal rule of spiney' lifting, bending, twisting, pulling, or pushing until the doctor says it is okay. Even after that, it is important to maintain good body mechanics and avoid all of the above as much as possible. Once your back has been operated on, it will never be quite as strong again and it is easier to hurt it.

I hope this settles down quickly for you. Please let us know howyou are doing.

Carol pretty much said what I was thinking....You've had a very big surgery and it will take time to recover from the trauma that a multi-level fusion puts the body through.

As you were probably told, it is more difficult to heal from a multi-level fusion and you need to be even more careful than the patients who have a single level done. Once you get a flare going it can be very difficult to get it to calm down. If you are still having the same intense symptoms in a few days, you might want to call your surgeon. He can give you a medrol pack or prescribe an ESI to help with the inflammation.

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