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Hi Sarah, My name is Bob I am 45 married with a 6 yr old son I had a bad fall 2 1/2 yrs ago at work..I fell from a scaffold and landed on my feet it felt like I was electrocuted I was able to work on and off for a couple more weeks and the pain-numbness and tingles got to bad I had to seek treatment after being diagnosed with 3 herniated discs bulging discs nerve damage and the fall kicked in my DDD the doctors said causing alot of sciatica and back pain.. my pain is pretty bad it is 24/7 from a 5 to 8&9 I have severe lower back pain that radiates into my left butt left hip left thigh and lower leg along with my left foot that is constantly numb and tingling with sharp pains in my toes..well after 1 year of 3 workers comp Dr.s saying I needed surgery and another saying I needed a fusion WC for some reason denied the Dr.s ever told me these things and they only gave me epidurals and tests then they sent me a letter stating I reached maximum benefit and enclosed was my last WC was in shock.. I never had a claim in my life or collected a penny from anyone...after contacting my lawer he suggested I use our own insurance and seek trreatment..Well after seeing a new Dr. we did a 3 level laminectomy l3 l4 l5 but just did not do the trick 8 months later I had a spinal cord stimulator implant which helps with pain but only when I am home taking it easy so after another 6-8 months I could not take it anymore and went to get more oppinions I saw a really good Neurologist in my area and after he did some tests and reviewed my reports he felt I need a fusion but he referred me to 2 of the best Neuro-Spine surgeons in NJ and PA I went to both of them this past Feb and March Dr. Sun Lee said my back was so bad thet I needed at least 3 levels fused l2 l3 l4 l5 after him I even went to see the other Neuro-surgeon Dr.Welch from the University of PA in Philadelphia...not telling him about my other oppinions he said the same thing..I was amazed I then took this info to my Dr. and we are all scheduled for an L2 L3 L4 L5 revision laminectomy and fusion with instrumentation and bone graft for April 27 2100....omg it is in 1 week I am so ervous...I have had the 3 level lammy and the laminectomy with the SCS can you help me with what I will experience after the surgery in the hospital and then once I get home...what will I need what will I do for the 1st week if tips will help alot..I am not worried about the pain I have gone through alot I know it is going to hurt like a SOB but I am more concerned about recovery as I am set on doing everything right and not screwing this up...after my 1st surgery I did apply for SS disability benefits and did win my case on my own and I am receiving SS and they back paid me from when WC stopped paying which was great...

sorry if this is sloppy I am not to good at

Thank you, Bob

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