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Thank you for your quick replies!

I think I will see a spine specialist. I have reached my deductible on my BCBS insurance so I can see anyone at this point! The MRI alone was $2500, geesh!

I don't understand why the neur isn't really considering anything spinal related. I asked her "Could this be pinched nerves?"

I want to trust my doc's but going for an invasive spinal tap, when I am not sure if that's even nec, isn't something I want to do.

I will find out on Tues why she is suggesting that.

I would say I have more upper back pain in the shoulder blade areas, and the headaches come and go w/ either a full feeling in the back of the head/neck or a pain on the right side by right temple.

Numbness, vision issues (left eye seems lazier, slower to adjust).

I asked the neuro "Could this be viral like doc said?" She said maybe a virus had settle on the brain stem. (?)

I realize she has to rule out major things like MS, Lyme's, etc. But my MRI was clear and I haven't had any fall down, leg deadness. Just this off balance stuff that I believe might be a combo of a virus and overdoing strain on neck/back from weight lifting.

I was squatting w/ heavy dumb bells, I was doing walking lunges w/ 30 # in each had the week before this off balance stuff set in.

Maybe I pulled my neck?

I will book apt w/ spine specialist. I don't think I need refer. with my pretty good insurance. Should I see someone outside the usual group practice I go to? Maybe they will have a fresh perspective?

Thanks for any info.

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