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Thanks so much for your reply. Reading off the surgeon's statement, these are the procedures done: Corpectomy Verterbral Decompression & Lumbar Fusion Anterior Spinal Deformity (L3-L5). It also states re-exploration of laminectomy, plus laminectomy revision? and fluoroscopy.

He installed a "cage" to jack up my spine with titanium hardware. And supposedly he relieved the sciatic nerve pinch in my right leg.

BTW, has anyone ever had a "nut" back off the post? Surgeon compared x-ray taken right after surgery with one taken last week, and it shows one of the nuts backed off the post.

I've been taking Lyrica 150mg 2x a day for the last month with no noticeable results. My biggest issue is the numbness & weakness in the lower part of my left leg. And now I've been noticing on/off pain in my right leg (the one I went in for surgery for).

If these issues are normal post-surgery, can you/anyone tell me how much longer these things will last? The reason I ask is because I have to go back to work in 4 weeks which is when my short-term disability ends.

Meanwhile, I'm still waiting for pre-auth on the CT scan & MRI. Hopefully I'll hear something soon.

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