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[QUOTE=maltluver;4713817]Hausofmouse, I am sorry you are still having problems. Has your surgeon suggested further imaging? I really think it is time to do that. Sometimes after 2 "less invasive" surgeries, there isn't enough disc left to do its job and you can end up with nerves being compressed. It's also easier to herniate, so I really think your spine specialist should be doing some tests to check on the stability of your spine.

I also had 2 surgeries called laminectomy and tho I followed doctors orders, I found myself in severe pain again. However, my doctor was adamant that it was post op pain only and then became belligerant telling me it was all in my head. At that point, almost 5 months after the 2nd surgery, I fired my neurosurgeon and found a different spine specialist....this time an orthopedic with fellowship training....and he said it was obvious that I was going to need a fusion. After an MRI, even I could see that my disc was almost gone and had herniated. I'm not trying to frighten you, but only wanting to let you know that you may have to push your surgeon. If he continues to balk at more imaging, I would urge you to find a different specialist, not in the same practice, and get a second opinion. Sometimes we have to take the reins in our own hands and know when it is time to push back.

Please stay in touch and let us know how you are doing. It might be best to start a new discussion so that you don't get "lost" under someone elses thread. I do wish you the best.


Thank you Carol and a Great Idea to start a separate thread as not to hijack PTVEGAS's thread...

Thank you for your suggestion, but I think I have been very proactive with my NS and he has been quite receptive to my concerns. Actually, I have taken a TON of flack from many of my friends and family about him. Truthfully, I trust him as I think he has been open and honest with me as I have been with him. Each and every time I see him, he tells me that this is how he would want his wife or sister treated if she were in my situation. I went to school years ago with his younger sister. I didn't know it until after I saw him, but it is such an unusual last name that I asked him if he was related and come to find out, it was his younger sister. I thought maybe a cousin or something, but you know it's a small world. And most importantly, He has continued to give me the pain meds I so deperately need without batting an eye.
Anyway, I had an MRI the day after surgery (2/3). I called a couple of weeks after surgery and told them that the pain was NOT easing up at all!! He ordered another MRI which was done on 2/22. The MRI was supposed to be w/ contrast but they weren't able to do that since my veins kept blowing when they tried accessing them. Well when he got the report and saw that it was w/o contrast, he hit the roof! His PA is apparently personal friends w/ the district mgr of the radiology site. So some personal calls were made and some heads apparently rolled as to WHY they did not call him right away to tell him they could not do the study that was ordered. So anyway, I had to go back for a 'redo' MRI w/ contrast on 2/28 which was successfully completed. The report came back 'ok' with no reherniation. Soooo, here we stand w/ the same pain. He had me come into the office to go over the MRI and 'talk' to me to see what was happening with my pain. After conferring with his 'new to the practice, not to neurosurgery' partner, they agreed that the next step was to get another series of MRIs but not of my laying down (as that is my almost painfree position). They wanted sitting/flexion/neutral views. Well there was only one facility that they knew of in the area that did these kinds of MRIs (still about 40 miles away) and they will NOT do them until you are 90 days past your surgery. They said it is there company's policy as you are still 'healing' during those 90 days. My NS called and begged them to do them but their radiologist said 'no go'. So my NS's hands are tied, he can't make them do it. Meantime, he had me see the pain mgt Dr that is a part of his practice. Well that didn't go so well (not because of the Dr) but because of all of my symptoms and location/type of pain there wasn't much he could offer in the form of help, other than to suggest the Cymbalta. He also made one other suggestion, but told me if it were him, he wouldn't do it. But if I wanted to try, he would do it. I did NOT like the sound of it at all and thought I'd rather live with the existing
Well meantime, since I had to stop taking the Cymbalta and I needed a new script for pain meds... I called and talked to the office mgr. Well they managed to find another facility that can do the tests that he wants done. Unfortunately, it's about 60+ miles away (which is going to be an excuricating ride!!) but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. So I go for the new MRIs this Monday evening which is a whole 6 weeks earlier than I could get them done at the other place!!
The NS said he completely believes me regarding the pain and wishes he knew exactly how to fix it, but has told me (at my last appt earlier this month) that he is bound and determined to find the cause of it. It is real and he recognizes that. I can't see what he is doing wrong. While I want a diagnosis, I also don't want to go thru a bunch of unnecessary painful tests either.
So at this point, I wait a few more days and keep taking my pain meds. I am hoping and praying that these new MRIs give him the info he needs/is looking for... A girl can wish, right??!

BTW...when I had my second discectomy done my NS had his new partner assist w/ the surgery. I was told by several people in pre-op (the nurse, the anesthesiologist, a couple of others) that I should feel PRIVILEGED as I was going to have TWO attendings doing my surgery and that didn't happen very often. He also said that he thought a fusion was a bit premature at this time, but may be necessary further down the road. and I have made it clear to him that I would like to exhaust all other options before considering a fusion. My pain is mostly nerve pain in my hip/butt/leg, not back pain.

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