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I had been doing the piriformis stretches fairly regularly. Up until this shot it always felt fairly "tight" and the stretch generally felt good. After this shot (once the near immediate hip pain settled down about 12 hours later), doing the stretch feels like it has no effect. The pain I was feeling in the piriformis and/or gluteal muscles seemed to disappear. Instead I started getting this lower back and pain around the lower part of the pelvic girdle. It seems somewhat better so far this morning after sleeping last night and I took my first dose of prednisone, but I'm afraid whatever it is will come back. My vacation ends this weekend and I'm supposed to start my new job at work on Monday. I'm afraid I won't be able to even walk. There's nothing quite like going to a doctor and finding things are far worse than when you went in. I may have hurt before, but I could walk and stand up without feeling like I had broken my legs a week earlier.... :(

I've never got any real "shooting pains" during any of this like what I read about most sciatic problems. My immediate pains in my thigh were along the hamstrings. Admittedly, it's hard to tell one thing from another when nearly every site out there describes sciatic pains exactly the same as a half dozen other pains. Clearly, there's a big difference between a tight hamstring caused by ischial gluteal bursitis and sciatic nerve irritation caused by a herniated or bulging disc, but I haven't found a single doctor that can tell the difference even with X-rays, an MRI and ample long descriptions of the symptoms. They just keep trying anti-inflammatories and physical therapy which accomplish little or nothing (or in this case seem to make it worse). So either I'm a total basket case and this is all in my head, the doctors are all incompetent quacks or I have some bizarre problem science has never encountered in the history of man. They don't seem to be trying very hard regardless.

A specialist sent me back to my regular doctor. She tried a few weeks of therapy, an XRay and then an MRI and a shot in each hip and two weeks of low dose Prednisone. No help. She gave up and sent me back to my regular doctor. Another specialist before her said it sounded like hip bursitis and gave me Prednisone (doctors love this stuff even though it's terrible for your immune system). But I couldn't get back in to see him again for 1.5 months for a followup (they were so confident that it would work they didn't schedule the followup the same day I went there the first time and I guess the more experienced doctors are in HUGE demand) so they let me see this other doctor who just gave up. So now my regular doctor is doing what? More Prednisone shots and pills.... :dizzy:

I must live in Quackville, USA. I'm just not sure who the quack is, them or me.
I'm not sure what the last doctor was that seemed clueless (probably just general?). I know at least one of the ones I saw specialized in back surgery and epidural shots. He was the one that suggested hip bursitis.

I'm convinced more than ever the throbbing is some kind of strange blood pressure shift or imbalance. It reminds me of when I had some drugs that I was warned not to sit up or stand up too quickly as my blood pressure might drop. This feels like the opposite as I can feel my heart beating harder when I first sit down (although I don't feel much in my neck/pulse, so maybe it's localized lower somehow?). I haven't had the REALLY bad pelvic pain since Saturday, but my vacation is up in the morning and I have to go back to work and start this new job, so that won't help the stress any.

I've got 6 more days of Prednisone (just finished the 3 tablets each dose for 3 days; tomorrow I start 2 tablets for 3 days and then 1 for 3 days). That book by Dr. Sarno (which I finished reading yesterday) suggests one should stop ALL treatments immediately or else you will just perpetuate the problem in your mind. That may be so, but if it's not just in my mind then that might be a very BAD thing to do.

I did notice back with my shoulder pain that the one I had for 3+ years behind my left shoulder blade disappeared almost instantly after I "pulled" a muscle/tendon in my right shoulder. It was almost like my brain decided to ignore whatever tension it was creating there and concentrate on my right arm. That pain has only recently come back on/off in my left shoulder blade. I'm really starting to believe it's stress/tension related to the muscles in my neck. In fact, I'm really starting to think most of my shoulder pains could be like that. So why NOT something similar in the legs/pelvic region?

The book only talks about those regions and that is where the pain is and it's no secret to me that I've been stressed for years over various things (from job related to relationship related to feeling like I made bad career choices ,etc. and that now I'm getting to be too old to change it). Having that kind of crap eat away at your subconscious but feeling like you cannot do anything about it...well it sounds plausible to me it could cause problems. You don't hear so much about ulcers today. Maybe it manifests as back and shoulder pain instead?

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