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I've had a problem once in awhile in the past where after I sit down I would get this pain in the lower back near the top of the pelvis that feels like it's a nerve pain that is literally throbbing with my pulse. It would usually hurt very bad for a minute or so and then subside and usually disappeared (and always did within an hour or two).

For the past 8 months or so I've been having a lot of pain around my hip and gluteus minimus/medium area with pain down the back of my thighs around the hamstring and near the pelvis. I've seen a half dozen doctors already and I've had x-rays of my back and pelvis and an MRI of the region as well. X-Rays appeared normal. The MRI shows very minor bulges around L5-S1 and L3-L4 (no encroachment of nerve) and a moderate bulge around L4-L5 (slight encroachment of nerve and a tiny annular tear). The doctors think none of those explain my leg/pelvic pain (my Chiropractor and physical therapists disagree, but they're not the back doctor so?). The doctors mostly agree it's some kind of hip or ischeal bursitis (it started when I was sitting long hours on a hard piano bench and a lot of sitting due to shoulder pains before that with hard chairs at work and elsewhere making it hard to keep pressure off the area) and for some reason has become chronic and doesn't want to go away at this point.

Anyway, yesterday my regular doctor tried a shot in the left hip area and gave me flexeril and low-dose two weeks supplly of Prednisone and right after the shot almost every area that EVER hurt in the region and some parts of my shoulder that were hurting last year before the leg problem all were hurting for several hours (the hip pain disappeared some time in the middle of last night as I couldn't sleep very well with it). Today I went to Red Lobster and I had two drink and shell fish (Lobster). I felt fine at the dinner table (thigh pain was minimal) but when I went to sit in the car that throbbing/pulsing back pain appeared and it's been going on/off now for a couple of hours. Hanging upside down on my traction table seems to have no effect. Bending foward or backwards likewise seems to have no effect. When I went to get out of the car for the first time after sitting down, I got a horrible shock all through my left hip up into my pelvis area around my back and I could feel it while walking. I'm sitting right now at the computer and it's still kind of throbbing.

I don't know if the drinks or shellfish could affect it or maybe it's the stress of starting my new job/promotion next week eating at my subconscious (never good from what I've read about stress/tension and all kinds of support muscle pain; a friend showed me a book by Dr. Sarno on Healing Back Pain and it suggests a lot of support muscle pain is associated with stress/tension and beliving you have a problem after getting something like an MRI that shows ANY kind of bulge that might even HINT at needing surgery or something down the line). It almost sounds as good an explanation of any I've read and the long line of doctors that never seem to know what the cause is even with MRIs, X-Rays and countless years of combined experience.

I've seen many posts on other forums with people that describe the same throbbing lower back pain that comes and goes and has no apparent cause (some said they had it on/off over 20 years with no explanation) and yet not one had a solid answer as to what the cause of it is. All I know is having the pain only creates MORE stress/tension and possibly self-perpetuating the problem.

I had shoulder surgery last August to remove two bone spurs and the problem seemed to disappear for over 6 months but as I started to worry about this new job a lot of pains started coming back in that region as well and then disappearing/reappearing so I tend to think stress has a LOT to do with it (neck tension over the trapezoidal region and the shoulder/arm nerves underneath). I don't know if a similar issue could be at work with the hip area, but that books certainly suggests it could.

Has anyone actually found a solid answer to a problem like this?

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