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Hello Spine AZ,

I had a visit with my PM today and discussed my concerns and options. Dr. Carlson w/AZ Pain Inst. He actually suggested I not stop taking the medications since I am still rating around a 5-6 with the meds. Stimulator is not an option due to the Severe Stenosis and living with the pain would render me useless. So, he did explain there is a difference between being Physically dependant and being Addicted. He did not see any addiction factors in me and my coming to him confirmed my concern. He said it is a norm of passing and again suggested I keep my regimin as it is. So I will be. I have changed my Soma to Zanaflex and was told to taper off the Soma prior to starting the Zanaflex and not to take both at same time. So, here I am. I have to say they help me to get around during the day and actually do chores and such so I guess it is better than being in bed all day or the Sauna trying to deal.

How are you doing after your last fusion? I hope well. I have declined my last surgery due to the recovery from the past two I don't want to push my body at least for the next 12 months to see if I can self heal and take it from there. I hope you are doing well. Haven't been around so haven't ready any of your post lately but glad to see you are still around.
Take Care
My back is doing reasonably well. I have residual back ache but not as much nerve pain. My neck and knees are causing most of the pain. My PM doc at AZ Ctr for pain relief has created a good regimen. Of medications. Luckily I've never shown any addictive tendencies. Zanaflex doesn't work for me, givesme ringing in the ears and a bit of dizziness so I stick with Soma

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