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I had an MRI 3 years ago and all that showed was 2 bulging disks & 1 Herniated. My pain has become worse so my PCP wanted another MRI. I have an appointment with a neurosurgeon the middle of next month.

Here is what MRI showed

L4-L5: There is advanced degenerative endplate changes modie 2 changes. There is decreased disk height & disk desiccation. There is focal posterior disk buldging & Protrusion with thecal sac effacement. The buldge appears central, however there is a
bivad-based left neural foraminal component with resultant minimal left neural foraminal stenosis. There is moderate facet hypertrophy. The lateral recess region is minimally reduced in size on the left, possibly affecting the left traversing nerve root of L5.

Decreased disk height and circumferential disk buldging is demonstrated. Advanced degenerative endplate changes are present. There is thecal sac effacement. Lateral recess regions appear patent. Bilateral minimal neaural foraminal stenosis is present related to disk bulging into the bilateral neural foraminal space. There is moderate facet hypertrophy.

Icluded sacroiliac joints appear unremarkable. Also, there is moderate degenerative spondylosis deformans at L4-L5 & L5-S1

Advanced degenerative disk disease, L4-L5 & L5-S1 with circumferential disk bulging & protrusion as described above & resultant bilateral minimal foraminal stenosis as described above

Any help understanding would be greatly appreciated

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