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I have had lower back pain for a long while...some days better than others, I attributed it to arthritis, possibly some disc problems. Pain was usually the worst after standing or sitting too long, very stiff into the hips.

I had thyroid surgery about 2 months ago, and as a result I stopped my normal exercise routine...I worked out in the gym for an hour twice a week, plus I would walk for an hour once a week.

About 3 weeks after my surgery, I noticed that when I was walking in the supermarket, a strange sensation would kick in, almost like I was losing control of my legs (but I really didn't), like my back or legs were made out of rubber.

I am now noticing this sensation more and more, especially after standing for any length of time, like in the shower, or when I am preparing food in the kitchen.

I have also noticed that the bottom of my feet get a little tingly, my lower back gets very stiff...and a jolt, not really pain, radiates to my head if I am walking particularly hard.

I have also noticed a weird sensation in my lower back, into my legs, when I cross my legs.

What the heck is this???

Any help or advice would be appreciated.

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