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procedures done: Corpectomy Verterbral Decompression & Lumbar Fusion Anterior Spinal Deformity (L3-L5). It also states re-exploration of laminectomy, plus laminectomy revision? and fluoroscopy.

He installed a "cage" to jack up my spine with titanium hardware. And supposedly he relieved the sciatic nerve pinch in my right leg. Rods and screws too.

I was OK for about t weeks after surgery and then I started to get pain in my left leg.. I went in for the right leg pain.
Now for about the last month and a half, my left leg is numb from below my knee to my foot. Also, have the drop foot thing too.. weak foot.
I now am getting some pain back in my right leg, from my hip down the butt to the leg!

I had a new MRI and CT scan done and my surgeon doesn't see any pinching or bone issues. I do have a "screw" loose in my rods which he said he can take care of with a minimal intrusion. He doesn't think that is pinching on any nerve either. But,,, he can't see behind the cage as the MRI can go there.
So, I am seeing a neurologist today to see if there is any nerve damage that may be causing this condition... ???
Any ideas from the group??

Carol -- My surgeon would send me to a neurologist because that's who did my EMG/nerve conduction study. I was under the impression that's who usually does an EMG....

Paul -- I second Carol's sentiments. Keep after your surgeon and push to find out what's causing the pain.

How long were you free of leg pain after your surgery? There are a number of reasons why the surgery did not relieve your pain, but if I understand your post, the pain was relieved for awhile, and then you developed it in the other leg so many weeks out from that correct?

The loose screw "could" be causing all the pain -- it just depends if it is pressing on the nerve, which it could be doing, even though it is not obvious on the imaging you had done....
I am so sorry to hear that you are experiencing such frustrating difficulties after your recent surgery. it must be terribly frustrating to have new pain in your left leg and returning pain to your right leg. I do agree with Maltluver though, that you need to push for an answer as you clearly deserve one as to what is causing your pain. However, I highly suspect that finding the culprit of your pain will not be an easy task. I wish you quick and swift success in finding the answers you need and deserve.
I am having an EMG/NCV test next Wed in hopes of locating the cause of my leg pain that I have been having for months now. All of my MRIs show no compressed nerves/reherniations/etc... It is frustrating waiting for each test, going thru the test, and still not being any closer to an answer after the test. I wish you success!!!

to Tetonteri, I am having an EMG done and it is not being doing by a neurologist. Actually all 3 Drs that do the test that I could've used are not neurologists. And the first PM Dr I saw does EMGs. So maybe it is a regional thing as to neurologists doing that particular test because that doesn't seem to be the case around here.... not sure....

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