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Your pain sounds just like mine,except mine is a little older than yours> I got hurt on the railroad back in 1999 and had my first surgery of L4-5 laminectomy with bilateral-foraminotomy,and Left L4-5 microlumbar disectomy,did well after that up intill April 2008 and second operation, this time was L2-3,L3-4 laminectomy with bilateral microforaminotomy,L4-5 recurrent foraminotomy bilaterally.After that is was time to call it quits on working,applied for my disability in 2008,got approved in May 2009. In Sept 2010 I had another MRI for back and leg pain,I have a wide laminectomy fefect at L3,L4, at L5-S1 there is facet degeneration and disc bulging disc,mild central foraminal stenosis.
Well here comes christmas we get snow4-5 not much,real pretty for some nice pic. The day after christmas I fell on some ice, and once walking in the door with wet shoes,which i think my right leg sorta gave away.I had alot of pain,espically in my legs.Went to PM and had 2-office visits and 2-nerve blocks,then the Dr. wanted to burn the nerves in my right side,I said ok, but later cancelled the procedure. Second opinion told me that would not stop leg pain, I asked the dr. to give me a epidural,he said no the nerve burning was 85% sure to stop the pain. After doing some research,I decided not to have it done. I deal with pain day in and out. I try not to take pain pills,staying busy doing something without alot of standing on concrete surfaces,kinda helps me not think about it. When the rain comes the pain increases. I guess one of these days when the pain gets to the point where I cannot stand it,I will try some other dr. without any surgery.
Hang in there, I know how you feel,and they always say; "No body nows what back pain is untill they are the one that has it, I hear it everyday.

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