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May I make a suggestion...
I, also, have what is believed to be nerve pain. I have taken gabapentin (generic), neurontin (brand), Lyrica, and that order. I believe there was another that I tried but can't think of the name of it right now.
Unfortunately, none of the above offered me any relief, and made me either more miserable from side effects or outright sick. Please understand I am not saying this to scare you or to suggest that you not try them. My suggestion is though...if at all possible try them when you do not have specific things that you 'must' do. It seems that many people have side effects from these types of medications (not everyone, but many...). For some the side effects are minimal and for others they are more severe making it very difficult to function at all. Some people have no side effects. The unfortunate part is there is no way to know what 'category' you will fall into. Also I was advised that these types of medications can take at a minimum a few weeks to offer relief. Which means that if you don't feel like they are helping immediately, don't stop taking them. My other suggestion would be to take the lyrica and cymbalta at night just before bed. Not all of the time, but there were times that they made me very sleepy (actually zombie-like for me, but my Dr said I was an extreme case). I just wanted to share my experiences with you, not to suggest you not try them but just that they can leave you feeling very 'funky' and make it difficult for you to function. I hope for your sake they don't, and I doubly wish that they offer you the relief from the nerve pain that you are seeking.
Best of luck.... :)

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