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My GI doctor said to go back to my gynecologist and I haven't done so yet. I am not having constipation or anything like that. I did have a rectrocele repair back in July but I know it's not prolapsed again. My bowel movements are fine. My lumbar area is very tender in the lower part, it is causing pain even when the rectal pressure isn't insane. I have just noticed that both can become crazy at the same time. I am also having hip pain (both sides) and tenderness/burning in the upper part of my leg (hip area I guess). I have problems in my upper back to. My doctor does not want to MRI it cause he's saying it's muscular, though the pain is directly in my spinal bone. He's just silly. I am not sure what to think. It's just a very uncomfortable problem and I don't think my gyn will want to do a thing over this, if she does, I will be very surprised, I guess that is why I've delayed calling for an appt.

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