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It is very common, when a nerve located in the lumbar spine is pinched due to disc herniation, or for some other reason such as stenosis or instability, that the patient's pain will radiate down into the hip, groin, leg and/or foot and toes.

A MRI or CT scan should reveal whether there is nerve compression, and hopefully, what is causing it. Then it can be diagnosed and treated by a neurosurgeon or an orthopedic spine surgeon.

All of us who have experienced what is often called "sciatic pain" have wished we could cut off the leg at one time or another. But there are more appropriate treatments available. You just need to get your partner to an appropriate provider who understands what her problem is and knows how to treat her.

Ice applied across the lower lumbar area can often dull the pain. She can use it 15-20 minutes pf each hour, around the clock. Just be careful to protect the skin so it doesn't get "burned."

I hope your partner will have some success at her upcoming doctor's appointment.

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