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Like the many others on here, I am at my wit's end.

I have a bulging disc in my L5-S1 area and I also have a segmentation defect in that area which causes my hips to be not centered and shifting towards the left side. The pain in my back, hip, leg, and foot are all on the left side.

It's been 3 weeks since my back went out. The first 2 weeks - the pain was unbearable. I was prescribed pain killers and steroids - all of which did nothing to alleviate the pain. I only felt dizzy and zombie like on the pain killers, which I do not take and resort to Advil or Tylenol when the pain gets really bad.

For a few days, the pain seemed "tolerable", but then yesterday, I was so groggy and the pain was unbearable in my left hip, left butt, and left leg. The pain has never been in my butt area so I'm confused and worried if the pain is spreading..or is it getting better? I have googled pain centralization (good - pain going upwards from foot to back) vs pain peripheralization (bad - pain going downwards from back to foot) and I cannot seem to tell if it is getting worse or better!

Anyway, my doctor is "monitoring" and I go in every week, just to really not get any answers or recommendations on my back. He is strongly against me taking physical therapy right now because he said that would kill me.

I have tried acupuncture for the past 2 weeks (twice a week) - and it seems to provide temporary relief. I actually thought for a second that it could get better through acupuncture, until yesterday when out of nowhere, the pain was intense. I almost wanted to run to the ER and tell them to give me a shot in my back.

My acupuncturist informed me that if the body has had injury and trauma, then there will be a lot of blood stagnation in the area of the injury or trauma. The key is to get the blood flowing again but then that "bad blood" will be circulating throughout your whole body. It will take some time before there will be good healthy blood to be refreshed.

Has this happened to anyone? You feel like there is a glimmer of hope and you could be on the road to recovery, just to get a major set back?

My dr has suggested a few different surgery options to choose from but first wants to monitor me for a little bit until we choose that route.

Has anyone had surgery in the L5-S1 area, whether it be disc replacement, spinal fusion, microdisectomy, etc?

Also, how do you get through the work day? I muster up all the adrenaline and strength I have to seem "normal" at work. Any tips on how to alleviate this pain naturally during the day? I hate to keep popping Advil.

Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you so much and big but gentle hugs to everyone out there dealing with the same pain.
I am so sorry you're in such pain. I too have a herniated L5/S1, as well as L4/L5. The L5/S1 is pinching a nerve which causes pain down my legs. My right leg has been affected for many months, while my left has just recently started. I also have a differentiation in the strength and flexibility of my legs due to a lack of development in my left hip because I had to wear these awful knee braces for years to help control major knee issues.
My nerve pain was greatly helped by 2 epidural steroid injections, however when those wore off the pain returned with a vengeance. The 3rd injection did nothing to help. I tried acupuncture and had great results getting it every 3-5 days for several months. When we tried backing off the acupuncture I was fine and then the pain came back worse than before with nothing relieving the pain.
Just getting through the day doing the bare minimum exhausts me so much that I come home at night and literally go straight to bed. As you know, pain meds no matter how strong, do nothing to help with nerve pain.
I tried physical therapy and it didn't help. I'm scheduled for a right sided microdiscectomy 3 weeks from today. They can't do both sides because then they would have to do a fusion, and in addition to my not wanting a fusion, they don't want to do one given my age (I'm 30).
I am very lucky in that I have wonderful caring doctors who have been willing to work with me without prolonging my pain.
I hope you start feeling better soon!

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