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Dr's stumped
May 16, 2011
Hello. First off let me explain my situation and afford you some background info. I am 30 year old male. Married with one kid. Lead an active lifestyle and am a business owner in the construction field.

Symptoms: Lower back pain associated with mild to severe (at times) leg discomfort extending sometimes all the way to foot. Most pain is in the upper thigh and a radius around the socket of right leg into hip. Also right butt cheek gets pain. Pain is mostly in right leg but sometimes in left as well. WEAKNESS in BOTH legs.

History: In September 2010 I was helping a friend flip over a Bar-B-Que hog roast trailer since he welded on the axles upside down for ease. Well as we were walking it down the other side he let go and conveniently forgot to tell me he was doing so. Well I could not hold the 700lbs over my head and the trailer came crashing down on me. It got my head and rolled down and my upper back near shoulders took the brunt of the force. It buckled me to the ground and split my head open requiring multiple stitches. I did not black out and got right up after he lifted it off me enough to get out from under it. I do not know if this has anything at all to do with this or not but cant help but think it may. I dont know.

Last Oct my wife and were driving home from a wedding in KY and I started having lower back pain. I didnt think anything of it as this was a part of my life (from being in the field of work Im in) for years and years and am used to it mostly. So I brushed it off even though it felt different and more severe. Well about 3 weeks later I went to a Dr and he ordered an MRI. Got the results back and they are as follows:
[B][I]Diagnostic Report:



INDICATION: Low back pain radiating into the right leg.

TECHNIQUE: Multiplanar and multisequence MR imaging was obtained through the lumbar spine without
intravenous contrast.



The spine is labeled such that there is a transitional S1 vertebral body. With this numbering scheme,
degenerative disc disease is greatest at the L5-S1 level. Alignment of the lumbar spine is normal. The
conus medullaris demonstrates normal signal intensity and terminates near the level of the L1-L2 disc
space. The cauda equina nerve roots are normal in appearance.

L2-L3: No disc herniation, foraminal narrowing, or central spinal canal narrowing.

L3-L4: No disc herniation, foraminal narrowing, or central spinal canal narrowing.

L4-L5: No disc herniation, foraminal narrowing, or central spinal canal narrowing.

L5-S1: There is a 2 mm central disc protrusion, slightly lateralizing toward the right. There is no
central spinal canal narrowing. There is mild left foraminal narrowing. No right foraminal narrowing.

S1-S2: No disc herniation, foraminal narrowing, or central spinal canal narrowing.

Degenerative changes are noted along the sacroiliac joints.


1. The spine was labeled such that there is a transitional S1 vertebral body. Correlation with plain
radiographs prior to any surgical intervention is recommended.
2. 2 mm central disc protrusion at L5-S1. No central spinal canal stenosis or nerve root compression.
Mild left foraminal narrowing is noted at the L5-S1 level.

TMM/dr [/I][/B]

I was told it I needed therapy and thus started. About 2-3 weeks later I was on a job and started to get really bad leg pains and weakness. Too the point where I had to sit down for awhile (which I never do on a job). Told the Dr about this and was referred to a Nuero Surgeon in town. Met with him and other than telling me that I should get out of the industry he had no real answers. He did order another MRI and the results came back the same as first. This was Dec 2010. He recommended an epidural and I had that in Jan 2011. The Dr there said if this didnt help in a week or two I would not need the next two shots. Well it didnt work. It MAY have helped the pain in my upper thigh a bit but never touched the back pain nor the leg weakness.

Recently I went to another referral of my Dr and this guy was a Neurologist at a local hospital. He wanted to run another EMG (sorry had 1 in Dec with good results). So as I went thru the cattle prod test they found I had a difference in results from my left leg to my right leg in the area at lower abdomen to upper thigh with my right leg being the low test. He said there was nerve problems in there not getting a good reading. I called that Dr today to find out what the next plan of attack is and am still awaiting a response as the nurse assistant did not know. She did however read his notes that stated no further action will be required and recommended pain management and therapy.

My thoughts: These may be absurd or incorrect but its just a thought. I am wondering if it is possible that my spine compresses when I am standing up or sitting thus making the MRIs inefficient in telling the whole story. If this was the case it would cause the herniation to "pop" or "spill" out even more and causing nerve compression. As I said this was just a thought? Please tell me if this is absurd.

I guess Im kind of disgusted by the Dr giving up on me as this problem seems to be not the norm and not cut and dry like some others may be. All I want is to return to my normal activities WITHOUT pain. I still try to do everything I was doing before but its not as enjoyable now as it was then. I dont want to become inactive and I really miss playing basketball.

This is why I am branching out and trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together from other people and other Dr's out there who are willing to help. I just need some relief.

Thanks for any comments or suggestions you may have.

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