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I don't have this all figured out either. It's terrifying and I'm with you on wanting to get stronger so I can protect my disc. Avoiding further injury/surgery is my goal. I haven't been given a "slump test" so I can't reply to that. I can re-iterate that my post op calf pain was tender/sore to massage so my PT and I agreed it was muscular. Is your hamstring sore to the touch or massage? I am still a little numb down the back of my thigh (nerve damage). Initially my heel hurt and there was burning behind my knee, that has resolved. The calf is much better. Barely ever feels tight or sore anymore. I know it can be hard to tell. When I started having sciatic pain it began as the feeling of a charlie horse in my calf. I know months of not walking on that leg and not using it normal have left that side weak and tight. The stretches I have been given for the leg never call for bending or twisting. My PT said to stretch the calf ideally after I am warmed up on my walk. But we do it in PT along with the hamstring stretch which again calls for no bending or twisting and a neutral spine. Hope it helps! Hang in there, and remember even though you sound like you feel good it does take time to heal and you want to heal correctly.

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