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I don't know how this can be, but I recently had a 2nd MRI done on 5/5/11. This was an (open) MRI of the lumbar spine without contrast, taken in the lying down position. The findings are as follows:

1) There is normal lumbar lordosis with no spondyloisthesis. The visualized
vertebral body bone marrow signal and disc spaces appear normal.

2) The conus medullaris is normal in position and appearance.

3) There is no significant disc bulge, protrusion, disc osteophyte bulge complex
or neural structure compromise throughout the lumbar spine.

4) There is no significant facet arthropathy.

Practically every day, I am in constant pain with my lower back, and more prominent pain is on my left side. The 1st MRI was done on 7/15/08 and the findings are as follows:

1) There is lower lumbar levoscoliosis. Vertebrae have normal height and
marrow signal.

2) L1-L4 Levels: shows no herniated nucleus pulposus or significant central
spinal canal stenosis. The neural foramina appear essentially patent.

3) L4-L5 Level: Facet arthropathy is noted bilaterally.

4) L5-S1 Level: Disc bulge incompletely effaces ventral epidural fat. Facet
arthropathy is noted bilaterally.

The conus medullaris and paraspinal tissues appear unremarkable.

I phoned the office of the 2nd MRI (a completely different radiology place from where I had the first one done) and explained my issues with the office manager. My issues being, how can I still be in pain, and 3 years later, have NOTHING showing up on their MRI. She had the radiologist re-read the films, along with comparing my MRI films from 2008 and he is standing by his original finding: NOTHING WRONG. I am awaiting her phone call, because she is having a 2nd radiologist at her office, review the films. What should I do if he/she comes back with the same thing, nothing wrong? Somewhere/somebody has messed up and misread the films. I honestly don't believe that nobody will own up to reading something wrong. Is there any other test, besides an MRI that will show scar tissue, or anything that I can do to find out why I am still having pain? I just want to get to the bottom of my pain, and start enjoying my children, as well as my life, once again. I know my body and know that something isn't right. (Just like I knew that when I had my day surgery/laperoscopy, that I would NOT be going home that day, and that something major was wrong!) I know that I am not crazy, and it drives me nuts that NOBODY wants to admit a mistake. I appreciate ANY help. Sorry this is long, but I condensed it down, as much as I possibly could.

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