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I have had a lumbar L5 discectomy this past Feb. The disc herniated to the left and caused foot drop. I had an emergency operation. I was going well until week 7 when I started experiencing bilateral nerve irritation in both legs and rectal nerve irritation/pain. A new MRI showed no nerve compression but the L5 disc has a slight poterior bulge. Nowhere near the cauda equina. I also have severe spinal athritis and wear and tear.

In saying that I now have rectal irritation/pain and irritation in both legs from something irritating the nerves. No actual compression per say just irritation. My ortho said I don't have much L5 disc left and my disc herniation was fixed and this is NOT a reherniation in a different direction. He has pre-op films and the report and post-op films and report. The pre-op report says the disc had a herniation to the left compressing the L5 nerve root and a large fragment. (this is what he operated on). It makes no mention of a posterior bulge. The new report says that there is a 14mm posterior bulge not pressing on any neural matter, far away from cauda equina. He has examined both sets of films and has said the disc has NOT moved since my operation and I should have no issues now, and that my small posterior bulge was there even pre-op and that was left alone because he can't remove all my disc. Well why do I have butt pain then now? What can I do?? Any opinions here please?

God Bless

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