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Re: MRI results
Jun 4, 2011
I am not minimizing the pain you are feeling by saying that I don't see anything on the MRI that jumps out as being the issue that is causing you pain. Rather, nothing is apparent that would require a doctor's intervention...something that might require surgery down the line, for instance.

I would suggest you spend some time online reading up on degenerative disc disease. It is a misnomer in a number of ways, and I think it would help you to understand your condition if you were to read a number of articles on it.

It sounds like your job involves a number of activities that are going to aggravate your issues -- being on your feet for hours at a time, and lifting.

A car crash almost guarantees that a person will develop arthritis in the spine as he/she ages...and it causes it to begin earlier than in a person who has been lucky enough to avoid this high-impact experience. These arthritic changes can hand in hand with the degenerative process that is going on in your discs, the formation of bone spurs, and problems with the facet joints.

Hopefully your physical therapist can give you some exercises to do on your own, and perhaps the names of some specialists who might be able to help you. I wouldn't think you'd want to start with the nerve burning as it only lasts a matter of months for most people, and then has to be repeated. Also, the MRI does not mention any particular nerve that is being compressed, so I wouldn't think this would be the treatment to begin with!

For most people with back issues, walking is the very best exercise. I can imagine that after being at work all day, the last thing you want to do is come home and spend 30-45 minutes walking...but maybe you could break it up into smaller segments. It is the least damaging activity for the spine. Many of us with lower lumbar and SI joint issues are not able to use an elliptical trainer, as it causes too much stress on the lumbar and sacral discs.

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