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Jun 17, 2011
Hi board,
Hope you all can restore my sanity, 9 weeks ago I lifted a heavy plant pot and knew I had done something not good to my leg as it felt very weak, a couple of day later I was getting pain in my thigh, knee and a numbness and electric feeling in my toes and foot but no back pain atoll.
After 3 weeks went and saw my g.p. told her my symptoms and she said “that means nothing to me” to weeks later things were getting manageable I went private to see a doctor a one off i cant afford that again 150 for 20 minuets he examined me and said I had a herniated disc giving me sciatica keep it till it gets better.
So I did some back exercises after 2 days all pain and feelings were gone on the third day I was watching t.v. and all the feeling came back in different places in my leg and now my butt.
things get a bit worse each day, I am not in great pain although the bottom of my leg feels it has constant hot water running down it and I can still do my job as a custodial officer, but I suffer from depression and I have read to many horror stories on google
That I now think I need surgery.
From other peoples experience do you think it will get better again or am I stuck with this for good.

Thanks nomparal

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