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Re: Sciatica
Jun 18, 2011
Hi Tetonteri and Jenjen,
Thanks for replying to my post and the advice I’m afraid patience isn’t one of my virtues but in this case I will have to try real hard.
Yesterday the pain went into both legs so I went to the hospital (tried my doctor but would have to wait over two weeks for an appointment) the up shot was as I’m getting worse I’m to get a mri scan, the hospital will send a letter to my g.p. who will send a letter back to the hospital to make an appointment so I think it will be some time before I get it.
I will have to train myself to look after my back and hope it gets better (I come from the west coast of Scotland where you just get on with it and don’t be a baby)
Thanks again nomparal
Re: Sciatica
Jun 20, 2011
Don’t know what happened to me to day, I went to work my legs were burning and I was scared I was gong to make my back worse, the pain and burning was no worse than before.
I started to feel ill and very strange and very tired, for the first time in my life I went home sick I should say that i had knee surgery 11 months ago that took a lot longer to heal than was expected due to poor after care and is only now feeling o.k.
Don’t know if it a combo of both injures or not I just wish there was a quick way of getting help for my back. Sorry to gripe but I feel awful


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