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[COLOR="Navy"]I am sorry for your wife's problems. Personally I would stay away from the chiro as they can do more harm than good.

An MRi is a good tool, but it doesn't show the nerves. It sounds like your wife has a nerve impingement where the nerve is being compressed by something in her lower back. That would explain the type of pain and the fact that it isn't be being controlled by the pain meds. There are meds that will help with the nerve pain. Neurontin, Topomax, Lyrica. It might be something to ask about when you see another doctor.

I do think it might be best to find another back doctor that can help with a diagnosis for your wife. It may just be that this is something that will dissapate after tiem. But do fin another doctor before she has any more shots.

A good physical therapist might be some help also. But the docotr first and see what they suggest. [/COLOR]

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