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Hey everyone, I'm 21 male, 5 11 and around 170 pounds. I workout 3 times a week and do yoga 2-3 times a week (I Started to help reduce the pain, but it doesn't really help).

My symptoms are:

Head and Neck (always there)
Pain originates in right side of neck
Goes up behind my right jaw
Pulls down (twitch) right lower side of my face
Right trap gets very tight
Head is shifted over to the left

Shoulder and Arms (always there)
Pain goes down front of right shoulder, into the tricep/back of the arm, through my fore arm, and into my fingers and thumb (especially the webbing between thumb and pointer)
Forearm feels like itís going to burst (very swollen), tendons are very tight, clicks when I move fingers
Tightness on the inside of my left upper arm coming from my armpit into my bicep
Forearms give out when working out very fast

Chest and Back (Always there)
Right chest is very tight, feels like its pulling shoulder forward out of its socket
Very tender, extra meat bottom right side
Back, underneath my shoulder blade is very uncomfortable, almost as if itís in the wrong place? Whenever I bring my shoulders blades in (flex?) it feels like its digging into my ribs.

Ribs (Intermittent)
On both sides, feels as if my lats are ripping off my ribs
Hard to breath, nauseous feeling
Not always there, comes and goes through the week
I always have a tightness through the right side of my abs, and my left side sticks really far out

Hips (Always there)
My hips are completely out of line, vertically and horizontally
Legs have been measured to be the same length, but definite discrepancy when I stand

Legs (intermittent)
As my neck becomes more tight, pain develops in my right leg
Pain goes through my right side groin, down the back inside of my leg, through my calf and into my foot and big toe
Calf cramps up and feels like its pulling my foot and toe up
Foot feels very cramped (has now become shorter than my left foot)
When I lay down, my left hip pops out, weird pain sensation in my left groin

The pain gets worse when I lay down and sit.

I have had an MRI and CT scan of my cervical spine (normal), full x ray of my spine (normal), and seen a million physiotherapists, RMT and chiropractors. No one has any idea what is the cause. I've had this for going on 4 years and its continually getting worse. Now I have a hard time sitting through through class and can no longer sleep through the night. I am continually stressed/depressed now due to it.

If anyone has any direction for me it would be greatly appreciated.

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