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Hello all I am a newbe I have alot wrong with my back will explain A year ago I went to the er for my back hurting so much where I could hardly walk all they told me was that I sprained my lumbar and I should be better in a few days. Few days went by still had the pain in my lower back went back to the er few days later they told me to go to my regluar doc and take my er papers so they knew why I went. Went to family doc they took ex rays of my back found out that my spine was curved in a c made an appointment to go to the therapist. Did that for 13 weeks 3 times a week had pain could not bear family doc put me on altrams 50mg 4 times a days til i was out doc did not want to refil so pain threw the rest of therapy. Therapy stopped pain went away for short time went to pain doc gave me medication to take every month was going in still in pain raised one pill took me off the one cause moods changed. Had an mri done and found out that I have fibromyalgia, degenerative disc diease, radiculitis, spondylosis of the cervical and lumbar spine also I have the wall of my spine has tears in it and,protruding discs at L4-5 and L5-S1 Went in two months later raised the two of them and moods changed on me a great deal stopped taking pills. Back to my old self again but in alot of pain can't sleep at night maybe 3 hours or less sleep a nite. Can't stand for long sit or lay down long. If I do sleep more then 3 hours a nite it is due to me having one leg straight and the other one up to my chest on my stomach refuse to have surgery scared might not come out able to walk. Is there any medication out there that will help me with my pain and inflamantion in back. Was taking lycric but made me retain to much water had to take water pill My other health problems are asthma heart mumor Also what would cause me to lose two of my toe nails and not come in right. Went to er here in mahoning county but all they did was push me and bf out the door did not do no test or x-rays all we asked for them to do was a bone test and a blood panell and maybe put me on some altrams for me to relax my pain so I can sleep. Thanks udderly in pain and suffering great deal.

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