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Spine problems
Jul 20, 2011
I'm looking for some one to help me understand my MRI results plz
below are the scan results

Grade 1 spondylolisthesis of L4 over l5 is seen which in comboination with the bare disc, facet arthropathy and ligamentum flavum thickening is causing secondary canal and lateral recess stenosis bilaterally. There is associated mild bilateral foraminal encroachment. Severe compression of lateral traversing L5 and mild compression of bilateral exiting L4 nerve roots is seen. Diffuse posterior disc bulge with right lateral focality is seen L5/S1 which in dents the thecal sac and causes compression of bilateral traversing S1 nerve roots more severe on the right side. Diffuse posterior disc bulge is seen at L3/4 level indenting the thecal sac and abutting the bilateral traversing L4 nerve roots. Mild lumbar spondylotic changes are seen in the form of vertebral osteophytes. Lower cord and conus medullaris are normal. No pre or paravertebral abnormality.

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