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Aug 4, 2011
Hello everyone, i was wanting some help, this is my second ddr and one says i have spondylolishtesis grade 1 and the other says grade 2. I will type exactly what this says and please give me some opinions

L1-L2 disc: Extra dural indentation of the thecal sac due to hyperthrophic spurs and mild central buldging of disc.

L2 L3 unremarkable
L3-L4 unremarkable

L4- L5 Disk Grade 2 Spondylolisthesis of L4 over L5. Central buldging of disc was seen. Foraminal stenosis is seen on the Right. Intermediate signal intesity seen at the marginal plates due to arthritus.

L5 S1 Disc. Paracentral bulging of disk was seen on the Left side exciteing into Left Neural canal with formal stenosis. No cental canal stenosis.

Paracental herniation of L5-S1 disc impinging over the exciteing lateral root and causeing Left foramal stenosis

Extra dural indentation over the thecal sac at L1-L3 disc due to hypertrophic spurs and cental buldging disk.

was wondering if i will be able to work as a heavy laborer after surgery.

thanku for any answers my back is in pain and i think i will need surgery and just trying to figure it out.

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