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After six weeks of foot drop with no change, this morning I may have noticed something different. When laying with my feet out, like in a recliner -- which is where I do many foot exercises and discovered the difference -- I found that I am now able to bring the big toe of my drop foot towards me virtually to the same level I can bring the opposite big toe. I still have much more weakness in my drop toe than the other, but this is something I wasn't able to do yesterday.

Speaking of yesterday, I had a CT myelogram. Since the mylegram involves inserting a needle and dye into the spinal canal, is it possible that has something to do with it? It seems unlikely to me since they were not messing with the L5, which is the latest candidate for the problem, but the coincidence is still there.

I thought at first that maybe I was imagaining things since I want so badly for things to improve, but this is a definite change. Is it possible that things are changing? Would it change from the toes forward? Does this make sense or am I getting my hopes up for nothing?

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