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[QUOTE=bracer;4817096]I've had some problems with my feet following a fusion, including a foot drop. They've told me it's impossible to know exactly why or when, but they feel it was a minor stretching of some length of the nerve. I've had one doctor say it will take a maximum of six months to heal, while others have said up to two years. The doctor who said six months gave as his reason that since the damage was limited to a small area in my back, once that was healed, the problem with my foot drop should be healed, as the rest of the nerve system was unimpaired.

However, I think my other doctors have said that the entire length must heal at the rate of 1 mm or so per day, even though the original damage was limited to a nerve in my back.

So, who is right? Do all the involved nerves, even those not damaged during the surgery, have to recover at the same rate as the originally damaged nerve? Is my optimistic doctor not giving me the correct information?[/QUOTE]

If its a workmans comp injury they will tell all the positive stuff to get you back to work so they can stop paying.
I'm 2 yrs post lumbar fusion. up to 6 months after surgery I felt i had made good progress....then symtoms of numbess tingling down legs, muscle fatigue and spasms,,deepp deeeppp ache.
Everyone is so different in their surgery out comes. I have found that if i push myself on those days i'm really hurting, its best to back off a bit. Not to not do anything but to do less with less intensity. I also have found that I can get pain free in the pool!! I can lap swim for a good hour and feel great, the second i hit dry land....bam...its all back.
Each day is different, you know your body best, don't push yourself.

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