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Spine cyst
Aug 13, 2011
Finaly next wednesday i go to see a neurosurgen i have been in extrem pain for several months in my legs. Also have had numbness in my upper thighs .Have seen manny doctors over the last few years. My regular family doctor I guess Was unable to help me and the last time i was in My doctor indicated that maybe i just needed counciling. But did schedule me an apt. to have an mri of my lower back. The next day My doctors nurse called me with an urgent message that i needed to see a neurosurgen because i have a cyst or somthing either in or on my lower spinal canal . Well that was six weeks ago. Takes long time to get in with a specialist. I have had symptoms for a very long time and mri's but the last time i had an mri of my back the dr. told me that he couldn't see anything that should be causing me these symptoms. Is it possible they just mised it. Needless to say i have become very frustrated and depressed this has gone on for so long. Kind of ironic the more incompetent doctors are the more $ they can make.I will give this new dr. the absolute benifit of doubt . Hope and pray that somthing can be done to help me stay employed. I have small children and can,t aford to be absent from my work. I have fibromyalgia /celiac disease /ostioarthritis/psudogout/thyroid problems /high blood pressure/ and i am a cancer survivor about 10 years ago. Who ever has read my thread Thank you I just needed to vent..,

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