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[QUOTE=sammieismylab;5013203]By the Bay how are you doing with your XLIF?[/QUOTE]
Hi, Sammie,

It's really doing well. I have none of the back issues that I had before the surgery: intermittent numbness and tingling, serious hip and leg pain, "thumping" when the vertebrae shifted, etc. The patch of numbness on the side of my thigh has never resolved, however, I hear they have improved on the machine that tells when they're too close to nerves -- you might want to check on that. Would I do it again? Yes. Is my standard of life better? Much. Usually I'm unaware that I ever had back issues. Sometimes on long flights I get a little sore -- I always carry a small pillow. Really, that's the extent of it.

Good luck, whatever you decide!
Hi bythebay. Good to here you are doing well. I am for sure having this surgery. I can't live a have of life any more. Ether give me back my life or take it way. This limbo stage is crazy. My husband can not retire until I get back to work. He really wants to retire and he should. I will never retire. It's boring. I live to work. I am a flight attendant. If a F/A ever gives you trouble for walking around a flight. Tell them you get blood clots in your legs if you don't move around. That will shut them up LOL. They would prefer you walk around then have a medical emergence in the air LOL. F/A's only get crazy if you get into there space. The galley or near there jumpseat. If you can not stand near those two places you will be safe on a flight. LOL. I am going to physical go and look at Aquatic PT places tomorrow, and line up a masseuse to come to house. 6 days and counting. I did look up the machine ( NuVasive ) as of 3/2012 the machine can not detect the nerve while under any pain meds, or Anastasia. YES I gave those reports to my surgeon. I will see him the day of surgery. I am having this surgery know matter what. XLIF,PLIF,ALIF. they all use this machine or a competors called Gloipes. Not sure of the spelling. It's all good. You came out great , I will too.

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