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Hello, I've been feeling this pain in my shoulder blade area, it's not excruciating pain. Just feels like the pain is inside. Sometimes it switches to the left side. I'm a smoker and I already went to the doctor and asked if it was lung related she said no and prescribed me muscle relaxer and some ibuprofen. I've been feeling it lately and was wondering if anyone had this kind of pain before and what they did. Help? And thanks for sharing
Hi Kier - your pain sounds very much like the pain I've had in the past. I always described it as pain around my "wingbone" - which in grow up terms is the area of my scapula. I've had the pain on the left side and it was diagnosed as bursitis. My pain management doctor gave me a trigger point injection of numbing medicine & a steroid directly into the area of pain. It took the pain away immediately because of the numbing medicine. When the pain returned after the novacain wore off it was definitely lessened. After 2 days the pain went away. Currently I am having the same pain, but on the right side of my back - but this has turned out to be a compression fracture at T1 which was diagnosed this week. I'm not surprised by the fracture as I have severe osteoporosis and have broken almost all my vertebra from T2 down to S1. I'm not saying that you have a broken vertebra, but if the pain continues you should see a doctor and perhaps have an xray taken to see if there is anything that shows up as a reason for your pain. Good luck to you! BB
Hi, i have been haveing pain in my left shoulder and shoulder blade.The pain feels like a dull ache in my shoulder but the shoulder blade pain is diff, its like the muscles are sore and hurt to touch and i find it hurts more when i take a really deep breath and arch foward. Lately my back has been hurting(mid back) it feels like my spine is bruised and the pain goes around to the front of my ribs(left side)it also is just a dull ache.I have seen a chiro. He said there was a spot in my mid back that didnt move it was stuck or something. He had xrays done that he said were normal, so he adjusted my back witch felt good for a while but not for long.To make a long story short after 9 visits to the chiro he said there is nothing else he can do for me and said if the pain doesnt go away in a month or two go see my doc.I have seen my doc and he says its just muscular, i think its more and hes just giveing me the easy answer.I think it may be a fractured facet joint that may have occured at the chiro but my doc wont order not sure wts wrong really but i do know something in my back is screwed up and my shoulder, weather or not they are related im not sure. Any thoughts would be appreciated, thanks

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