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Bilateral Leg Pain
Sep 12, 2011
Hi Everyone,

I am new. I am so distressed with both legs in pain, burning feet, stabbings, nerve pain which I have had for over 6 wks now. On Sunday I got a shooting pain at the back of my left leg like an electric shock and I am terrifried that these syptoms will get worse - wil they get worse with intensity?

I have had MRI and I have a L4/L5 bulging disc - I had a very mild back twist injury in April with no nerve compression however my neurosurgeon who wants me to have a nerve block so see if it is the L4 or L5 nerve that is being irritated thats why he feels my legs could be in pain. He said no surgery needed.

If I have no nerve compession why am I then getting this leg pain?

My life is so restricted now and I am terrified of surgery as this does not work on many people.

Has anybody not have surgery and just live with the intense pain because with surgery I heard you get more pain and it is chronic.

I cant believe this is happening to me I am so in terror with the next 'attack' and these shooting pains, stabs, burns come unexpectedly and they torment you not knowing when the next one will be coming.

Please help as I am not coping!
Welcome to the board.

If your only or primary problem is a disc herniation, which is either resulting in spinal nerve irritation or compression, it is possible that this can heal without having surgery. There is a well-known physio therapist from your part of the world, whose techniques are used to help move the pain up out of the leg and back into the lower lumbar area. You might want to look up his work. There is a book, in its 7th printing, that many people have used to help themselves to heal, called [U]Heal Your Own Back[/U] by Robin McKenzie. Many physical therapists incorporate at least some of his routine into their own practices. The book is available at libraries and online.

The thing is ...this can take some time. Most people are not able to cope with the pain and elect to have least that's how it is in the US. During this healing time, you have to be very vigilant to avoid any activity that has the potential to worsen the herniation. This would include limiting most physical exercise other than gentle walking or stretching, or perhaps walking in the water or a pool, avoiding pushing, pulling, reaching up overhead, twisting at the waist, and anything that is jarring to the back. Avoid driving on rough roads where your back will be jostled, etc.

My husband ruptured a disc at L5-S1 many years ago. At that time, discectomy was done less often, so he went to physical therapy, used good body mechanics and posture, kept his weight normal and to this day, does his back and core exercises to keep his muscles strong and balanced. When he performs an activity that he knows will cause him problems (like raking, heavy gardening, etc.) he paces himself and breaks up the job into manageable pieces so he doesn't strain the lumbar spine. He hasn't had any significant issue in over 17 I know it is possible. It just requires a good deal of patience and endurance in the beginning, and some minor life style changes.

Good luck to you. I hope your pain is manageable soon.

TT ~

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