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Hi All!

First Post!

Thanks in advance for reading.

I am 36 and was feeling like 15 until about two years ago. Played a deck hockey game for the first time since my 20's. Didn't remember anything unusual from that game, but the day after and since has been life changing. The pain originally stayed in my butt, left side until about august of this year. Now, it radiates from my butt to the outside of my leg. No low back pain, just leg.

Thought it was muscle related at first. Did stretches, PT, chiro, took weeks off from activities at different times. No help. Had an MRI back last Jan and the spine specialist recommended injections for the pain, otherwise "surgery was in my future". I have a few herniated lumbar discs, but the L4/L5 is the most troublesome. Discogram stated it could be a grade 5 tear at this level, but said a few other levels had grade three tears. Shots didn't help, only lasted two weeks. My pain isn't emergency room pain, but I feel like part of my life has died. Going out to get lunch aggravates the pain. The pain is only on the left side. No numbness, just pain. Had an EMG before the shots. Went back to the spine specialist and got a second MRI. He says the L4/L5 is where the pain is and recommends a microdiscectomy. Going to a neurosurgeon soon just for a second opinion hoping to confirm the issue at the same level and no more. I don't have weakness just pain. Spine doc says I have a 98 % chance of being leg pain free.

I seem to find more stories of microdiscectomies causing new pain other than getting pain free from the procedure. So, I am worried a little. Should I be? No low back pain, just all butt and outside of leg, one side, doesn't even radiate to the toes, but I can't stand this pain anymore. Want my life back with my family and kids. Standing for more than 5 minutes starts the pain.

Any advice is appreciated.

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