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Hey everyone! :wave:
Hope this finds you all doing well!!

I am just struggling like heck with the different pains after this ALIF surgery! I have problems when I walk....It's a pain that comes on Suddenly, and will catch me, and almost make me fall! I can be standing, like at the store, in front of the grocery cart, and then I get ready to take a step, and BAM! it hits! It's all in my lower back area, and my legs; with the left being the worse.The left leg will drag some days.The foot flops easily, and I was told that I had nerve damage in the left foot, not pertaining to my back, but that there was nerve damage in my leg from my back, and damage in the right side of my back. :(

I walked with a walker for about 2 weeks, and am using a cane right now. I just feel better with the cane, in case that pain all of a sudden hits. It will be a bit faded, like its always "there" and then it will bam hit! It also made my legs go numb, and couldn't move them. so, I went for an ambulance ride!!! emergent MRI showed nerve compression,and severe swelling within the area. and there was some mention of a bulging disc above the area..Will the other discs start compensating for the fusion now?

Well 6 weeks post op, I developed a DVT left leg. I had been VERY active, and now that pain is somewhat gone, it comes back with sitting, and makes that leg even worse. ugh!

I see my pain management doctor this coming Friday. Any advice on what I should be asking him? I would like some better pain control, so that I can maybe go for a walk? That'd sure be nice to be able to go for a walk, without someone in case I fall!

Ive also been having back pain in the levels ABOVE the fusion. Feels just like my back did before it started bulging, and then herniatd. That burning,achey feeling. and having quite a bit more muscle spasm in that area now too.

I read that Patients with Scoliosis are more likely to have the Stenosis, and degeneration...great!

So, Here is what I am on for pain meds:
Gabapentin 900 TID (can go to 3600mg TID)
Oxycodone 10/325 1-2 ev 4 hours
Tramadol 50mg 1 or two TID
Flexeril 10 mg TID
Cymbalta 60mg daily.

Any ideas? thoughts?
Thanks in advance! and Take Care everyone!!!

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