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I have T6,7 herniation and I injured it at work. I can relate to the burning sensation. My is pinching my spinal cord and is affecting bladder and other issues. The burning I feel and sensitivity in that area of my back is like you explained. Warm bath, heating pad.. really helps some. I live in Iowa and I seen a neurological Surgeon but he said the surgery to fix it is to risky and the injury to this area is rare. I didn't just except it, so, I found a doctor at the Spine Center in MPLS, MN. He performs surgery to this area frequently and says it is an aggressive surgery. Requires a hosp. stay of about a week. He is going to put a metal plate in the front and back to stabilize it. The longer you wait, the worse it will become and the more permanent the symptoms will become. Till it causes paralysis. I feel, it isn't that the Surgery is so risky as Iowa Doctors don't feel comfortable operating in this area. My new Doctor in MPLS is so wonderful and they do operated and feel confidant that they can and will help me. They validate you. Making you feel like... Wow, this isn't all in my head. This is real and also the doctors here in Iowa treat me like I have the plague. Some times traveling to some other State is well worth it. I can feel the pain through my chest daily. The burning in my back and it does radiate. Also I have leg weakness and bladder issues because the cord is deformed and pinched. I see my Doctor about the surgery on the 4th. I will post what I find out. Good luck to you and to all you out there with Thoracic issues. Hope this helps.
I am sorry if I wasn’t clear. I had first Thoracic 3.5 weeks ago. Got a second inject in thoracic 2 weeks after that. Since it really didnt help we decided to try the neck since I have a small herniation in C5-C6 and the burning back symptoms are my upper back, shoulders, and triceps which correlate better with the dermatome chart.

The pain management doctor is the best in Long island. The Back doctor is supposed to one of the best in NY. HE operates on the JETS, Islanders, and Hofstra players. How to find a Thoracic Back doctor, I have no idea since no one is going to specialize in thoracic area only. If anyone can recommend one in NY please let me know.

No one can give me answer. It’s all guess work at this point. I have researched so much over the last year and a half I am getting real depressed. My symptoms manifest themselves. Its just crazy. My life is such a nightmare. I know for sure it’s a nerve issue. Drugs seem to make the symptoms change.

I can’t tell for sure if this pain is from my cervical, thoracic, or some idiopathic sensory neuropathy. Problem is, aside from EMG and shots MRI’s and blood test there’s no other tests to take.

It’s very suspicious that I recently found out about this thoracic herniation that I have no idea how it happened but the area at which I am being effected supposedly doesn’t correlate with my burning pain. I am trying to find out someone with t6-7 herniation with symptoms like mine. Everyone I talk to has wrap around pain, ribs, balder issues, leg pain, numbness, bladder control issues, trouble with balance, burning at the areas or below the herniation, none of which I have. I am not going to have surgery but it would be nice to rule it out as the cause. Right now I have nothing else to go on.

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