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Re: Reading MRI
Oct 13, 2011
Thanks for your reply!:wave:
I have had previous back surgery and was pleasantly surprised that the thoracic spine looked so good because in 2005 the MRI showed moderate herniations at those levels.
I understand that hemagiaomas are USUALLY a benign cyst. But I believe they are also possibly a primary or secondary cancer. Especially found at that level. I know they are a "normal abnormality" in post morteum autopsies (average age much older than I am though and almost ALWAYS found much lower in the spine).
I think I mentioned that I was attacked 5 months ago.....maybe, I didn't...It's something :o even though I know I shouldn't be. The attack consisted of my right arm being twisted behind my back as hard as he could while he pushed me against the door I was trying to escape through.
He is an ex con, 6'3" about 230 lbs and then threw me across the room as hard as he could twice. THANK YOU POLICE!!!!
Because of my embarressment, I avoided treatment and retreated to my bed in pain and depression over the whole thing.
THAT is why I am asking how much of this could be a result of the attack? I immediately had neck clicking, pain, right arm pain, and can't be up too long because my trunk feels like its being crushed. I am off balance and was told by the physical therapist that we couldn't continue, after 1 week of 3 visits. My face on either side will twitch then go numb. I am curious about the "injured" vs. normal aging stuff because I think I might have to sue him to recover the cost of taking care of this. It isn't cheap as EVERYONE knows! :confused:

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