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Welcome to the board. Don't fret over your surgeon's decision to go in from the back. There are various ways of approaching the spine and it all depends on the patient's individual body type and what are the issues. I have had three lumbar surgeries, all from the back.

Have you had more than one opinion regarding the need for surgery and what type of surgery? It is always a good idea to get several opinions, as fusion is a big surgery, and the last resort as far as surgery goes.

If you are comfortable that fusion is the right solution then you should be prepared for a lengthy recovery. The year time frame you were given is the time it typically takes for the bone graft to set up so it is hard and fully fused.

They will have you up walking within about 12 hours after surgery...and you will continue walking as the most important part of rehab and recovery. Depending on your surgeon's instructions, you will begin physical therapy where you will be given appropriate exercises to strengthen muscles and will be taught appropriate ways to use your back so as not to put more strain on the damaged area.

Around three months you will gradually return to more normal activities, again depending on your surgeon's evaluation of your progress.

If you decide to return to running, I would imagine you would want to wait until you are solidly fused. The pounding would make fusion impossible until the cells have completed their "knitting together."

Many of us make some changes in previous lifestyle after a successful fusion. The thinking is having been through fusion once, why do an elective activity that I know puts additional stress on my spine? I would rather preserve what I have for as long as possible...but others feel that life wouldn't be worth living if they couldn't engage in the more punishing physical activities, and opt to continue on doing whatever they want. That is an individual choice that is made after the successful completion of a fusion. ;)

I can't help you with cervical issues, but wanted to make you aware that there is a separate board called "Spinal Cord Disorders" where people with cervical issues hang out. You might want to post there, too.

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