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Well had a typical bad night of trying to sleep due to the pain above the scar...and my left hip is really bugging me but that has been part of the problem since before the surgery...and the surgical area is still painful at times...I realize I am going to be having varying feelings as the nerve regenerates...after all it was pinched for about 2 years..I am also trying to get away from pain medications so I had asked to be taken off of percocet and was put on anti-inflammatories and vicodin...have been icing and doing stretches etc. Doc didn't see the point in having me do PT since prior to the surgery I had about 8 months worth I don't need to pay them for what I can do at home....I think the lack of sleep is getting to me most of or 2 nights I can deal with but roughly 2 weeks is getting a little much....I just find the whole situation strange as I was doing great all the way up to this point... then one night I wake up and experience pain that I have never felt before....I haven't done anything other than small amounts walking and taking it easy so I don't reinjure it and can get back to work

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