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I also have a similar problem, lower back/hip pain.

Some advice, chiropractor is a wast of time and money, manipulating the spine can damage the spine plus the whole 'profession' is questionable anyway.

I also have the same problem with a tilted pelvis, one side lower than the other, causing an S bend in my spine, it would be wise to research this on the internet, there is a lot of good information and treatments - they consist of exercises to correct this tilt. It worked for me.

Did the physio tell you about pelvic stability exercises? this is very important, it involves stretching out the hip flexors and psoas ( Standing Psias Stretch & Kneeling hip flexor stretch) and strenthening the glutes, abdominals, and back (Supine Hip extention, the plank, side plank, pelvic tilts, prone cobra) - look these exercises up - these worked brilliantly for me.

I see you tried Bowan therapy - it's a load of rubbish and a waste of money.

Try medications, like anti depresants, these work well for back pain and general pain, medications include - tricyclics, Cymbalta, anticonvulsants like Lyrica, Gabapentin also try painkillers such as Tramadol, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) such as Naproxen they are effective. All these meds can be got from a GP. Also muscle relaxants can be effective for spasms.

Cymbalta works well for me, as does Tramadol, I still have some pain though and I am going to ask to go on and anti - convulsant, oh and I also take naproxan and thats work well too.

Other proven therapeutic practices are - doing active exercise it is important for the health of the spinal discs. Movement helps exchange nutrients and fluids within the discs to keep them healthy, swimming is the best way or cycling or simply walking, start of slow and try to increase it over time.

The other thing that worked for me is a lumber support brace, it keeps the body from twisting too much.

Use heat packs on the area where the pain is, they work well, and can stop spasms.

In summing you want to;

1. stretch out often where the tightness is

2. Strengthen Core muscles

3. Look up how to correct pelvic tilt and restore muscle balance

4. Do aerobic exercise

5. Use heat packs

6. Talk to a GP about going on medication

7. Use a lumber support brace to limit twisting of the back

8. Improve flexabilty of back by doing gentle exercises such as Cat Pose

9. Strenthen upper back

Hope this helps

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