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Oct 16, 2011
Hip and back related pain

Hi my name is Daniel, i am living with a constant discomfort sometimes unbearable. I feel as if i am no longer symmetrical. it feels as if my right side, is in away longer than my left.

when my back goes out My lower spine experiences sharp stabbing pain when trying to sit down or stand up (this is a challenge). I cant stand up straight once it out and the only thing that gives me any relief and doesn't cause pain is when I lie flat on my back on the bed, and hopefully after a while the muscles relax around the right hip and the pain around the lower spine sacral illiac joint hopefully decreases and eventually disappears.

however the last few days its been taking longer and longer to go away and is happening easier and quicker just by doing everyday things like socializing or just trying to take it easy around the house. (standing or sitting as well.)

This has been happening for more and more over the last few years I have developed a terrible back/Hip condition that is destroying my life. I first experienced an 'episode' approximately 6 years ago, it is hard to recall exactly when this first started happening to me. I can not recollect any specific incident or accident that may have caused this to happen to me, although I play Australian rules football my back has never stopped me or "gone out while playing football but it has come close especially after the games many times. and perhaps the wear and tear and knocks from the game have resulted in my condition along with growing tall quickly as a teen and having flat feet that tend to roll in without orthotics, . i have been a keen runner for years and still manage to run sometimes but i am often too sore these days.

I used to have very tight hamstrings but i believe the orthotics which i have had for almost 2 years have helped with that. ember. I have tried manty treatments from physio therapist and tried a chiropractor up t0 3 days a week for almost 6 months. and have had no improvement.

I have had many diagnostic tests and have all come up with no visuable impairment of the spine. X Rays and CT scans say my back is normal. The X Rays the chiropractor took noted that I had a angled pelvis, adjustments by the Chiropractor did not help. The way it feels to me is that my lower back where the spine and pelvis are conected is very tight and sensetive. The muscles contract pulling the spine out of alignment. What happens is the Right side of the pelvis/hip raises and the left side stays jamed creating a bend in my lower spine. It is always the same each time. I have a picture of it. often when goin to the doctor the back is not out so the specialist doesnt get to see what it looks like

I used to work hard paving or gardening during the day and work as a waiter and barman at night. that was 4 years ago. Now I can barley work 4 days a week in doing lighter duties. however I am experiecning more epsidoes more frequently and when attemping to do any garden work or paving etc or just basic things like tieing my own shoes or sweeping the floor, I am now unable to as I eventually go into spasam, Could be half hour could be all day just takes one little twist or turn and my back/hip locks up. I have always bent my knees and adhereed to correct manual handling to avoid any back problems which makes this even more confusing.I have often described the feeling of not feeling simetrical, it seems that I cant sqauat evenly or stand comfortably. I feel my right side does all the work and when trying to use my left side it stirs up the porblem.

It is hard to explain in words what happens to me, However visually when I experience an episode or spasam the condtion is clearly seen. Basically the way it feels to me is that my lower back around the sacrum/hip/spine is very tight and very sensetive. I find it hard to stand, bend or sit for long periods and often cant without discomfort or an episode.

Treated the muscles that were tight around the lower lumber spine, including the glutes and hamstring and surrounding lower back muscles. Using massage, dry needling and ultrasound treating the symptoms and not the cause, no relief noted, if any very temporarily. Tried a couple of phyisos for different techniques including Steve Saunders Sports and Spinal. Another one tried a heel insert in my right shoe for a month no improvement, I would have thought it would have made more sense to put in my left shoe, as its my right side of my hip that seems to lift making my right leg seem longer than my left.

Tired getting regular deep masage before and after football training, never noticed and improvement the tightness always remained, and masaging always was unpleasant and sore being very tight in my legs and back.

Not sure exactly wat they did but never noticed any improvement, Apparently its suppose to reconect the nereves of the body to return the body to default system (how its suppose to be).

Bowen Therapy
Similar to neuro-kenetics, a little bit more massage involved but same principle, no improvement

Treated tightness around the lower spine and made regualar adjustments to the neck and spine, however after trying the chiropractor as it seemed a last resort for 6 months, I have noticed no improvement at all. The Chiropractor told me to do core stretching and strengthing exercises (as did the physio) I tried for a while but gave up because the back/hip tightness becoming more sensetive prevented me for doin most of the exercieses properlly.

After trying the Physio and chiropractor and having no improvement,the osteopath seemed like another avenue for healing. The first day at the osteopath, he told me i have flat feet and should see an podiatrist and come back once i have orthotics. He also did some adjustments pulling on the left leg and cracking the joints around my lower back, perhaps the tightness eased for a little while but I never noticed any improvement and the condition remained.

After seeing the podiatrist I now have orthotics. I am able to run in these and walk well with no discomfort, however my back/Hip problem still persists with no noticable improvement. Tightness around my calves and hamstrings has decreased slightly but nothing too noticable. I still feel unstable and volurable on my feet. But at Least im straight up and down now. After watching the fotage of me walking on the treadmill at the podiatrist I noticed that my feet have a tendency to rollinwards the orthotics lift my arches making me stand up straight.

After going to The Physio and trying regular massage and stretching, along with core strengthening programs, no improvement was noted. I was refered to a sports medical doctor at the sports clinic. the DR ordered a CT scan and blood tests. He also prescribed me anti-inflamitory tablets which had no noticable effect. After reviewing my results I was then told to try chiropractor. I tried for 6 months no improvement. So I went back to this Dr and asked for a referal for a spine specialist, as the condition is worsening effecting all aspects of my life. When my back goes out I am disabled, unable to bend or squat or walk properly and the pain is sharp and constant. The only way that I can stop this from happening is to lie down on the bed flat for at least 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, sometimes longer, my muscles relax enough for the hip to realign. However if i continue to bend or do anything really bedsides sitting on the the couch, then my back will go out again. Once it goes out its very sensitive for the next few days until it becomes a bit more normal feeling. However once again the same thing will happen again and again.

at the moment it has been like this for 4 days and i need to go back to work i cant keep taking days off. Please help, message me any info you think i could use

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