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No the doctor has not brought up the flexion/exten x-ray.just to fiull in on the neurosurgen they have not been much help i was hurt on july 13 went and saw a health at work doctor who treated me as a pulled muscle.I am a stell fabricator had to lift a 400 lb fence section at chest height to put as board under to space it.felt like my lower back just went squish.So that doc. put me on flexril and tylenol 3 sent me back to work on 7/20 the next 2 days
almost killed me back and leg pains beyond belief.
went back on 22nd sent me for a mri took until the 4th to get approved date from work comp.thats when they found 2 bulges on left and right side of L5 S1 and showed touching sciatic nerve.thats when they sent me to neruosurgen.took almost 3 weeks to get into see them.went over everything schuled a epi shot on 9/12 at this time i was out of meds from reg doc. they did not give me any was in so much pain i would be up 40-48 hours at a time back and leg and foot both legs.had to go in on sep 7th to almost demand something gave me cymbalta 30 mg for 14 days.

just to fill this in on how i felt with them was 1 of the first questions they asked me when scheduled first meeting was are you willing to have surgery..
kind of felt that if i was not on meds would push me toward it.needless to say cymbalta did nothing. had shot on 9/12 was hurting so bad before shot that morning the 2nd doctor talked about skiping shot and setting up surgery.freaked crap outta me right there i said no i want shot to see if it helps let me tell you i screamed when they did the shot.Was told should feel better in a few days and to go to Pt on friday 9/16.
Well went to Pt on that day they did the electro stim i think it was when i left after a hour driving home my left leg hurt so bad i could not use at all and right was almost as bad worst 20 mile drive in my home called was told it will go away... well i took until saturday around 10 pmfor it to ease enough that i was not having tears in my eyes. finally got to sleep sunday morning about 6 am was up from fri morn at 6 keep me up 2 days...
went back monday for pt told them about it yep they did PT again elec stim and something else when i got home i had to craw up the stairs still no meds
but cymbalta which had run out was only 1 pill aday.wife go home about 7 pm saw what i was going threw and called oncall doc was 2nd doc that gave me shot not main doc who i had asked to call me about pain when i was in for pt at 10 am never got a call.
Doc 2 called me in gaba 300 and tramadol 50mg had to get them at 11pm 9/19 first real meds they gave me well tuesday nite my feet and legs had swollen and hurt so bad i had to get off them and see 2nd doc on 9/21 My doc did not call me from monday until wensday nite after seeing 2nd doc who gave me lyrica 75 2 aday and hydrocodone 7.5/325. both said i need surgery without even giving meds a chance.even with new meds could not do Pt so they put on hold until 10/10 shot.on that day before shot Doc brought up surgery again was doing better when resting with meds not stressing myself could get 4 hours sleep aday or so.when he gave me shot i felt pain from epidural on right side threw my hip leg and to heel of my right foot gave me new pain like walking on a nail even when not walking. thats when i went to Doc #1 on 17th about the shot pain told me shot did not do it and i need surgery told him i think we need to find out more before we do that so ordered the EMG. he did not want to even up my lyrica for nerve pain just keep pushing surgery.
i have read enough on surgery for something like this and alot of time can end up worse then before and needing muti surgerys down the line.i have read that it is only Needed when bladder and bowel problems rest time is elective surgery.This whole time i have felt they just want the surgery money from WC and not careing how i am or treating me like a person
waiting for EMg to get done before finding my own Spine specialist thank god MD. allows you to get your own docs i've given theirs enough time for someone with my interest in mind. Hard enough thinking right with the side effects of meds and worrying that no one is on your side can't do it much more i just hope EMG comes back with some good readings and i can be taken care of for me and not someones pocket.

Sorry about the post just little more upset after having time for my mind to settle after the last visit still can't think great but know enough that i don't feel right about whats going on.

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