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30 year old male. 6' 195 lbs. No injuries that im aware of. Mixture of active and sit down work.

2 years back pain at T6-T8. Most significant pain is while sleeping, causing me to get poor or little sleep. Waking up in severe pain throughout the night and in the morning. Get's pretty old.

Finally got an MRI and results seem straight forward but looking for an interpretation or someone who maybe had/has similar problems. Or perhaps recommendations on what to do.

MRI Report
Right-sided paracentral disc protrusion at T7-T8 intervertrebal level, causing anterior impression on the thecal sac without significant stenosis. Disc height loss is noted at this level

Spinal cord and bone marrow signals are unremarkable

Alignment is unremarkable

Conus medullaris terminate at T12 vertebral body level

I would not call the pain excruciating (probably like a 5-6/10 during the day, 7-8 at night) but i find that I have to take a lot of time out of my day to deal with the pain and it also limits me to how long i can be physically active, which in turn limits me at work.

Also have had pain in the front of me lower-right rib cage for about 2 years. Dr. thought it may be my liver but had an MRI of the liver area and it was unremarkable. Dr. said it was idiopathic and dismissed. Wondering if the thoracic problems im having could be causing pain in the front. (i've read that here)

Also for 2 months i have weakness in my legs, less coordination in all lower extremities and some new bladder issues like very frequent urination and urgency. no loss of control though. not sure if they're related. trying to play detective and connect the dots. Did have a recent lumbar puncture to rule out some potential issues and all was clear.

thanks for any input

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