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Let me preface my comments by reminding you that members are not trained medical this is one layman's opinion, and I may be completely wrong here...but I would be concerned if this were my MRI radiology report.

The pedicle screw has penetrated further than it should and is gone through the vertebrae and is now sticking into the area between the peritoneum and the spine . My anatomy is a little hazy here -- but the retroperitoneum is between the spine and the abdomenal cavity.

I would call the surgeon's office tomorrow and ask to leave a message for him. Just say something to the effect that having screws entering into the retroperitoneum is something you are very concerned about and you don't want to wait a week to find out if this is dangerous...that you would like him to return your call and clarify what this means.

It sounds to me like they will need to go back in and reposition those screws.

I hope I am mistaken ...but I think you should get some clarification from the surgeon before sometime next week.

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