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Oct 31, 2011
hi , for the the last year i have been in PT for a shoulder injury and an a RSI to my shoulder blade for wt my doc thinks was caused by over compensating for my injuied shoulder. To make a long story short the muscle spasms in my shoulder blade area have been getting worse and it feels sore most of the time but for a few months now i have been having some pain under my last rib on the left side, its just a dull ache and it only hurts every now and then when i push on it. I also have been having pain in my mid back....well its more like burning(like the muscle is on fire).I seen a chiropractor who had xrays taken.He said everything looked fine but something was stuck in my mid back. It was limiting my movement to the left, he said it was more then likely from a really old injury. I had several manipulations with some relief but it never ever lasted long. since then the burning has gottin worse, its at its worst when i stand in 1 spot for extended periods of time. I do have poor posture which im sure doesnt help the situation but i dont think is the reason for the pain. I am afraid that the chiro may have messed up something in my back but y doc blames everything on my RSI and says everything in my back is just tired , wore out and way to tight.I think if i had these symptoms without my given history of my RSI that my doc may look at these symptoms differently. I think the shoulder and shoulder blade my be a symptom not the cause of my pain.....maybe im crazy but i do know something in my shoulder area and back does feel messed up and now my neck is even aching. I hope there is some1 out there that can give me an idea of wt might be going on with my back,ribs anything....i am desperate and tired of being in constant pain!!!

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